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I joined a team of Project Developers through Blueprint to create a FOSS Mobile Application for our NPO - the Free Software Foundation. We were tasked to focus on 3 primary goals - to keep users informed about digital rights issues, to simplify the process of donating to the cause and to encourage members to take action through petitions and actions.

In the first portion of the project I took on the role as product designer where I crafted the UI/UX for the newsfeed, donation process and action alerts. In the second half of the project I would focus more on my role as a Full Stack developer where I would implement the newsfeed designs in React Native and implement a Rails backend that would serve as an API access point for serving up content from both FSF’s RSS news feed and from their GNU social account.

Other project developers took charge of many integral parts of the project. These parts include architecting an API gateway to facilitate CAS authentication with CiviCRM, donations through Trustcommerce and ensuring our project could be built as a FOSS project and eventually eligible to be deployed to F-Droid. This project had many moving parts, I’m thankful for our NPO contacts for their time and energy on this project and I’m grateful to have been able to work alongside my talented, passionate and caring group of friends at Blueprint.

  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Project Leaders
  • Justin Mi
  • Tony Yang
  • Project Developers
  • Annie Ro
  • Aivant Goyal
  • Asli Akalin
  • Christopher Franco
  • Fang Shuo Deng
  • Jason Bao
  • Mukil Loganathan
  • React Native
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Go
  • CiviCRM
  • TrustCommerce
  • GNU Social
  • FSF Newsfeed
  • FSF GNU Social feed
  • Donations
  • Action Alerts
  • Admin Dashboard
Special Thanks
  • Vanessa Ng
  • Grant Kalasky
  • Pamela Hu
  • Rachel He
  • Free Software Foundation
Mockup of ANova Labs, the mockup contains a log-in screen for a username and password -- fake credentials are used for the login screen. as the email and all stars as the password

As the former Technology Officer for ANova, I started Anova Labs, an open source Ed Tech platform project, to support Anova’s mission of mentorship and improving computer science education in under resourced communities across the Bay Area. The project’s goal is to serve as a hub for our educational material for both mentors and students and to develop tools that can help us mentor and teach more effectively. The project is currently under development and has been spearheaded by other ANova Technology Officers - Julie Deng and Johnathan Zhou, alongside previous ANova Tech Committee members.

  • Project Leader
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Project Leaders
  • Julie Deng
  • Johnathan Zhou
  • Christopher Franco
  • Project Developers
  • Melody Wei
  • Kevin Pham
  • Christopher Cheung
  • Jinsu Elhance
  • ReactJS
  • ExpressJS
  • KnexJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Account Creation
Discord Logo
Discord Bot

I created a discord bot to help KitchenPantry, a guild from the mobile game Ragnarok Online: Eternal Love, manage its activities and tasks.

I created the command parser from scratch, which would serve as the foundation for building future commands. I also provided documentation to allow future guildmates contribute and build their own commands.

The first feature allowed guildmates to self-assign themselves roles on the discord server using $set and $unset commands.

The second feature was an attendance and team query command where guildmates would take attendance through the $woe command that would post through the google sheets api. After the guild leader has created teams, guildmates would later be able to use the $woe myteam command that would show on discord a guildmate’s team name, their team object and list teammates.

The third feature was the $et command which provided an interactive menu of MVP bosses per floor and per channel. Data for the menu was sourced from a website parsed using CheerioJS. Guildmates would use emoji reacts as a means to navigate between different options of the menu.

The last feature was PantryPoints, the $pp command would allow guildmates to give shoutouts to other fellow guildmates by giving them PantryPoints which would be stored in MongoDB.

  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Command Parser
  • ET Lookup
  • WoE Attendance
  • PantryPoints
  • DiscordJS
  • Node JS
  • Cheerio JS
  • MongoDB
  • Google Sheets API